Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Nick Bacon

Nick started working in our Bozeman fly shop while attending Montana State University, graduating with a degree in business marketing.

Nick is an integral member of our core staff of Bozeman fly fishing guides and made the transition to guiding full-time when we sold the fly shop in late 2022.

He always has a great attitude and is the only 27-year-old fishing guide who gets excited to beat the sunrise to the river in late July. Persistent, subtle coaching makes him popular with new anglers.

Many of our more experienced guests like fishing with Nick because he just doesn’t give up on the tough days and makes quick work of the fish on the easy ones.

"Growing up in Minnesota, I spent countless hours on the lakes of the central and northern regions, pursuing Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye. My father introduced me to fly fishing during fishing trips to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, sparked by his love for the sport after a memorable trip to the Big Hole River during the 1990s This led to an investment in an Orvis rod and reel, as well as a fly-tying kit.

From a young age, I enjoyed the outdoors and had always wanted a career that would give me the freedom to spend outside. I had always appreciated guides on family fishing trips f and aspired to follow in their footsteps.

In 2015, I moved to Montana to attend Montana State University, where I earned a degree in business. It was during my first guided trip on the Madison River that I experienced the challenge of fly fishing firsthand; despite the tough fishing conditions and no landed fish, the experience ignited an obsession.

Since then, I've remained in Montana, continually exploring the many rivers and streams. During my university years, I worked at Fins and Feathers of Bozeman fly shop, initially part-time and later full-time, intending to become a Montana fly fishing guide. The experience in the industry has helped me hone my skills and allowed me to create connections with fellow fly fishing enthusiasts.

Raised in a family of educators, patience and a commitment to teaching have always been fundamental to my approach. I've discovered that sharing my knowledge of the sport has increased my understanding, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Whether guiding novices or seasoned anglers, whether casting dry flies or nymphs, on a freestone or a tailwater, each day on the water fills me with the same exhilaration as my very first."

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