Montana Fly Fishing Season

							Madison River fishing while floating near Ennis, Montana.

Montana Fly Fishing Seasons

Fly fishing in Montana is a year-round activity with each season having its unique mystique.

The spring and summer months are the busiest seasons but also have the best fly fishing Montana has to offer.

Streamer fly fishing for big Brown Trout draws expert and novice anglers alike to the Bozeman fly fishing rivers of Southwest Montana.

Winter is characterized by cold water, making this a time of year when the experienced angler can find both solitude and good numbers of Montana fish.

Warm spells draw Bozeman anglers away from the ski hills and towards the rivers in search of rising trout as Spring arrives. For many anglers, this time of the year brings the best fly fishing in Montana as rising fish can be found almost everywhere on cloudy days.

Midges and blue-winged olives are the primary hatches during early spring, but the Mother's Day Caddis hatch is what everyone is hoping to catch just before the runoff begins in early May.

The Mother's Day Caddis hatch offers some of the best dry fly fishing of the year on the Yellowstone and Madison Rivers. Timing is crucial with this hatch, as the rivers will be blown out if you're too late. Aim for the last week of April or early May as fly fishing near Bozeman will be excellent, even if the caddis hatch is delayed or already finished.

Late April weather is usually beautiful, with daytime temperatures in the 70s and nights near freezing. The last two weeks of April and the first week of May are favorites among our Montana fishing guides as the summer crowds are still several weeks away, the Montana fish are active throughout the day, and the scenery is spectacular.

Once the spring melt gets going, the larger rivers reach flows up to 10 times the summer flows. Although the options can be limited during this time of year, our guides can always find some good conditions within a short drive of Bozeman on the Madison River.

Missouri River fishing trips between mid-April and late June have been a client favorite for over 20 years. Once the rivers around Bozeman truly start to blow out in mid-May, fly fishing in Montana gets tough. The Missouri is a tailwater fishery that fishes exceptionally well during the height of runoff. Fly fishing the Missouri River with our guides is an excellent experience and a solid backup plan if the rivers near Bozeman unexpectedly blow out.

Runoff conditions vary from year to year, but we usually see dropping river flows in early June, and fishable conditions soon follow. As the rivers begin to drop, stonefly nymphs begin their migration to the banks, and the trout follow them.

Nymphing with giant stonefly nymphs and dead-drifted streamers, while the rivers are still high and dirty, can be very productive. The height of the Montana Salmonfly hatch begins in mid-June on the upper Madison and Yellowstone Rivers.

During May and June, daytime temperatures are mild, and thundershowers are frequent. The surrounding landscape is bright green thanks to the melting snow and spring showers.

River bottoms offer refuge to a variety of wildlife species as they rear their young, and it's common to see everything from baby otters to nests filled with fledgling Ospreys.

Late spring is one of those times of the year when the crowds are light and the weather is comfortable, making it a perfect time for fly fishing in Montana.

The quality of Montana fly fishing for trout is unmatched anywhere in the lower 48 states during the summer months. On most days, anglers can expect good numbers of wild trout on nymphs, dry flies, and streamers throughout the day. Rising Montana trout and prolific insect hatches attract anglers from around the world to the legendary Bozeman fly fishing rivers.

A variety of hatches including stoneflies, mayflies, midges, and caddis bring the trout to the surface through the end of July. The first major hatch of the summer is the Salmonfly, which is an enormous stonefly found in most Southwest Montana rivers. Fishing during the Salmonfly hatch can be fast-paced and exciting, as the fish aggressively pursue these large bugs on the water's surface, making for explosive strikes.

Landing fish on dry flies every day of the hatch can be difficult, but having the fortune of timing it just right is an amazing experience. Drifting nymphs along the banks is always effective, even when the fish aren’t quite targeting the adult stoneflies.

In late June, an astounding diversity of insect species can be observed hatching on the fly fishing rivers near Bozeman. On some days, multiple stonefly, mayfly, and caddis species emerge simultaneously. This spectacle is a defining highlight of Montana fly fishing and makes dry fly fishing the most productive technique.

Hatching Insect activity starts to slow in mid-July, with dwindling numbers of Salmonflies and Golden Stones. Although daily emergences of caddis and mayflies continue through the summer, they are mostly limited to the early morning and evening hours.

Savvy anglers wait for the end of the Yellow Sally hatch to signal that Montana trout will soon turn their attention to terrestrial insects like hoppers and ants.

Nocturnal Golden Stones are active throughout July and August. The adults are rarely seen, but their nymphs are active throughout the day. A guide’s favorite technique is to use a stonefly nymph imitation as a dropper below a large hopper imitation. Anglers fishing this tandem rig through shallow water can expect to hook into a few, big Brown Trout on the Yellowstone River in August.

Long drifts with large dry flies can entice the biggest fish of the year to strike even on the hottest August afternoons. Our Bozeman fly fishing guides prefer to start the day fishing bulky attractor patterns, switching to hopper/dropper rigs in the late morning.

Montana fly fishing guides prefer to get on the water very early when fish are most active in late July and August. Afternoon thunderstorms are a blessing in August, offering instant temperature relief while reinvigorating anglers fishing and Montana fish alike. Summer angling pressure is at its lightest during the latter part of August.

Cooler weather patterns arrive in early September, quickly lowering river temperatures with a few near-freezing nights. Cooler nights spur renewed mayfly hatches, grabbing the attention of trout everywhere. Early morning Trico spinner falls give way to mid-day blue-winged olive hatches while terrestrial patterns continue to be effective.

Quality September flyfishing Montana conditions and pleasant weather make this a great time of year for anglers of all skill levels. Sudden snow or lingering heatwaves remain possibilities in September, so being prepared for variable conditions is essential.

As an angler, there's nothing quite like floating down the Yellowstone or Madison River alone on a crisp autumn day. The morning air is filled with the sounds of bugling elk and migrating waterfowl.

Although dry fly fishing slows down a bit, you can still find steady risers on cloudy days during the Blue-Winged Olive emergence. With shorter days and colder nights, brown trout will soon start pre-spawning and aggressively chasing streamers and big nymphs.

Late September marks a transition in Montana fly fishing as the busy summer season comes to an end, and a more relaxed pace of covering the water begins. The steady rise of trout in shallows is now the exception rather than the rule, so nymphing and streamer fly fishing become the most effective methods to cover the water.

Our guides spend more time wading likely spots, swinging streamers through deep runs on sinking lines, or nymph fishing inside seams. Experienced anglers can expect good numbers with big fish opportunities while streamer fly fishing. Novice anglers will quickly improve their skills by utilizing a variety of fly fishing tactics every day.

A Bozeman fly fishing trip in the fall allows the angler to experience all the Montana Rivers near Bozeman. The rivers are usually devoid of other anglers fishing and provide ideal conditions for both wade and float fishing. Although you can usually find some rising fish, the real draw is covering large amounts of water in search of a true trophy-sized Brown Trout.

Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Southwest Montana. Although many believe that Bozeman fly fishing during the winter months is impossible, there are some fantastic Montana fly fishing opportunities during this time.

While the area is occasionally covered in bitterly cold weather due to fluctuating storm patterns, there are usually more days above freezing than below. These mild winter days provide great chances for Montana fly fishing in solitude with snow-capped peaks in the background.

The topography of Southwest Montana results in varied weather patterns across a relatively small area. So, if it's windy and snowy in Bozeman, the weather in Livingston can be 20 degrees warmer and calm.

During the winter, walk and wade Bozeman fly fishing trips on the rivers near Bozeman are preferred to floating this time of the year. With the variety of rivers conveniently located near Bozeman, it's possible to fly fish in Montana almost every day of the year!

Our fly fishing guides in Bozeman are available for winter Montana fly fishing trips, weather permitting. Bozeman fly fishing trips in the winter are best suited to anglers with prior fly fishing experience.

Discounted trips are available during our off-season, winter months. Reservations can be secured online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019. We recommend contacting us a week in advance to confirm availability, discuss winter Bozeman fly fishing conditions, and review the likely weather conditions.

							Rainbow Trout in the air while floating the Yellowstone River on a Fins and Feathers Montana fly fishing trip near Reedpoint.

Montana Fly Fishing Trips

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