Montana Fish : Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass - Montana Fly Fishing Species

Smallmouth Bass Montana fly fishing species

Smallmouth Bass are a non-native game fish that is widely distributed across MT. and occasionally caught on Yellowstone River fly fishing trips near Columbus.

Smallmouth Bass are widely dispersed throughout the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs across the eastern portion of Montana. This hard-fighting non-native game fish is occasionally encountered while fly fishing in Montana along the lower Yellowstone River.

Our Bozeman fly fishing guides typically bring a few to the net every year on Yellowstone River fly fishing trips between Big Timber and Columbus.

Originally transplanted to Horseshoe Lake in the early 1900’s they are widely dispersed today in the warm water fisheries of Montana. Fort Peck, Noxon Reservoir, and the Tongue River are thriving Smallmouth Bass fisheries today.