Montana Fish : Common Carp

Common Carp - Montana Fly Fishing Species

Montana fly fishing species for skilled anglers : common carp.

Carp are a hard-fighting fish species commonly encountered on the Missouri River in Montana. A challenging quarry for skilled anglers fly fishing in Montana.

Carp are native to Eurasia and have been widely transplanted around the world. Perhaps the greatest mistake in the history of fisheries ecology, their introduction around the world has resulted in the loss of habitat and native species wherever they are found.

In Montana, Carp are common in the watersheds east of the Continental Divide. Their distribution has been limited and eradicated in the western waters of Montana.

These hardy omnivores are an intelligent, hard-fighting quarry for skilled anglers fishing the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers near Bozeman.

Many Montana fishing guides spend their “off-days” pursuing tailing Carp in the shallow waters and backwaters of the Missouri River near Townsend in August.

Experienced anglers are welcome to join our Bozeman fly fishing guides for a day trip of fly fishing for Carp on multi-day Montana fly fishing vacations. Contact Us to explore adding this experience to your itinerary.

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