Bozeman Fly Fishing Packing List

Packing For Your Day Trip

Bozeman fly fishing day trips with Fins and Feathers include the use of essential fly-fishing gear during your trip.

Bozeman fly fishing guides will have fly rods with reels and fly lines, all tailored to the tactics of the day. Additionally, essential terminal-tackle gear like leader, tippet, split shot, and fly-floatant will be provided as well. Waders and wading boots are provided if needed; we rarely use them between June and October.

The driftboats and rafts have enough storage space for each angler to bring a small backpack or tote bag containing personal items for the day. Waterproof bags are helpful, but not mandatory, as the boats have dry compartments available for items like phones and cameras if necessary.

Packing List Details

Personal Gear

  • Polarized Sunglasses with a Copper or Amber tinted lens (avoid grey if possible)
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Buff or Sun Mask for sun protection
  • Gloves (sun gloves during the warm seasons and fleece for the cold months)
  • Clothing layers including a base-layer, midweight fleece, and insulated jacket (weather dependent)
  • Sandals or shoes that can get wet (ankle-deep wading is sometimes needed to get in and out of the boat)
  • Light-weight, breathable pants offer protection from biting insects and the summer sun
  • Tops with UPF protection and built-in hoods are highly recommended during the summer.
  • Neoprene Socks/Booties if you intend to use our wading boots for wet wading
  • Rain Jackets and Pants for the summer months.
  • Sunscreen, Insect Repellant, and Sanitary Wipes/Sanitizer
  • Medications and prescriptions (including Epi-Pens - especially if you are allergic to insect bites or stings)
  • Snacks like granola bars, chips, and fruit that you would like to have during the day.
  • A small bag or backpack to keep your belongings handy and organized

Fly Fishing Gear ( if you prefer to bring your own)

  • A medium–fast action 9’ fly rod in 5 or 6-weight for all-around use with a floating fly line
  • A fast action 9' fly rod in a 6 or 7-weight for streamer fly fishing with a sink tip fly line
  • Reels with an adjustable drag are preferred and helpful when fighting large trout from a drift boat
  • Waders and non-studded boots in the spring and fall - we can provide these if you prefer not to travel with them

Fins and Feathers Guide Service has been outfitting Montana fly fishing trips for over two decades. Being prepared with the essential personal items on this list will help ensure that you have a great experience on your day trip with our Bozeman fly fishing guides. Contact Us with questions regarding gear recommendations.