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Montana Fly Fishing Rivers

							Map of Montana Fly Fishing rivers near Bozeman

Bozeman Fly Fishing Rivers

Fins and Feathers Guide Service is centrally located in Bozeman for convenient day trips on area rivers with the best fly fishing in Montana. Legendary Montana trout fishing can be found within a short drive of town in every direction on world-renowned rivers including the Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Jefferson.

Montana Fly Fishing Tours

We operate throughout the Big Sky at different times of the year, offering fly fishing tours to Montana blue-ribbon trout fishing rivers like the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Missouri, and Bighorn. Small rivers and spring creeks are also in our collection of Montana fly fishing destinations and are often combined with trips on other rivers during multiple days of guided fly fishing near Bozeman, Livingston, or Craig Montana.

Montana Fly Fishing Rivers Near Bozeman

							Rainbow Trout in the air while floating the Yellowstone River on a Fins and Feathers Montana fly fishing trip near Reedpoint.

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing

The Yellowstone River flows through Montana, attracting fly fishers from around the world to test their skills against its rainbow, brown, and native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. It offers diverse trout fishing opportunities, from Yankee Jim Canyon to Columbus. Its unspoiled beauty and wild, Montana trout offer a rewarding experience for all anglers.

							Anglers fishing and floating the legendary Madison River near MacAtee Bridge

Upper Madison River Fly Fishing

The upper Madison River is a renowned wild trout stream in southern Montana referred to as the "50 Mile Riffle." It is one long riffle dotted with boulders and flowing through the wide-open expanses of the Madison Valley.

Its scenic beauty and abundance of wild trout make it a bucket list destination for anglers from around the world.

							Floating the Gallatin River while flyfishing Montana in the fall

Gallatin River Fly Fishing

The Gallatin River boasts of more than 75 miles of blue-ribbon trout water, which can be easily accessed from various roadside turnouts along HWY 191 and throughout the Gallatin Valley. It meets the Jefferson and Madison Rivers to form the Missouri River, near Three Forks in Montana. Wade along the river through the Gallatin Canyon or float the lower river and explore rarley touched waters.

							Flyfish Montana on the lower Madison River while floating.

Lower Madison River Fly Fishing

The lower Madison River has diverse wild trout habitats and character between Ennis Lake and Headwaters State Park.

Spring hatches and fall streamer fishing offer opportunities for advanced anglers. The river's scenic beauty makes it enjoyable for novice anglers as well.

							Montana fishing on the Jefferson River near Bozeman

Jefferson River Fly Fishing

The Jefferson River starts at the convergence of the Ruby, Big Hole, and Beaverhead Rivers and flows until it meets the Madison and Gallatin. It offers a unique Montana fishing experience through rugged canyons and rural agricultural fields.

The fly fishing experience varies annually and depends on winter snowpack and spring moisture.

							East Gallatin River fishing during a Trico spinner fall

East Gallatin River Fly Fishing

The East Gallatin River is a small stream that runs through the eastern side of the Gallatin Valley and is one of the best Montana fly fishing spots near Bozeman for DIY-wading anglers.

Fishing while floating the Gallatin River is permitted downstream of the East Gallatin confluence with the West Gallatin near Manhattan

							Anglers fishing the lower Depuy's Spring Creek

Depuy's Spring Creek Fly Fishing

This iconic spring creek is a year-round wild trout fishery near Livingston that runs through a working ranch that allows limited daily angler access with a trespassing fee.

The spring creek has some of the best dry fly fishing in Montana during prolific early summer caddis and mayfly hatches.

							Boulder river fishing angler hook up

Boulder River Fly Fishing

Located south of Big Timber, the Boulder River is a medium-sized freestone stream with exceptional angling opportunities from late June through mid-July while floating with our Bozeman fly fishing guides.

DIY Wading anglers can escape the crowds and cover a lot of water while fly fishing in Montana here in late summer.

Craig Montana Fly Fishing Rivers

							Fins and Feathers guide and guests flyfishing Montana on the Missouri River

Missouri River Fly Fishing

This 35-mile stretch of river below Holter Dam offers some of the best Montana fly fishing. Rich in invertebrate biomass, the river supports a robust population of Rainbow and Brown Trout near Craig, Montana.

Upstream of Holter Dam, the river is a mix of warm and cold-water fisheries, each appealing to a range of Montana anglers.

							Upper canyon fishing on the Dearborn River in montana

Dearborn River Fly Fishing

This river joins the Missouri River near Craig Montana is highly regarded as the best scenic day trip for anglers fly fishing in Montana. The season is short, most years, with the primetime being between late May and mid-June.

Floating the Canyon stretch is a long day, but worth the effort when fly fishing conditions are ideal.

Montana Fly Fishing Rivers Near Dillon

							Beaverhead river fishing wading angler

Beaverhead River Fly Fishing

Flyfishing Montana on the Beaverhead River is a Montana fly fishing experience every serious angler should have on their list. Trophy Brown Trout fishing in tight quarters makes days on this river truly unique.

Join our staff of Montana fishing guides for a day or two of fly fishing in Montana near Dillon on your fly fishing vacation.

							Salmonfly adult on the banks of the Big Hole River

Big Hole River Fly Fishing

Montana fly fishing on the Big Hole River is the quintessential western trout fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels and interests. Diverse fly fishing and spectacular scenery make this river a favorite for Montana anglers. Angling conditions varies yearly based on winter snowpack with the best fishing early and late in the season on the Big Hole.

Montana Fly Fishing the Bighorn River

							Angler fishing the Bighorn River Montana downstream of Bighorn Fishing Access SIte.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing

The world-renowned Bighorn River is a tailwater fishery that is home to prolific wild trout populations making it one of the best Montana fly fishing destinations for novice anglers during April and May. Located south of Billings, Montana, and about 4 hours east of Bozeman, our Bozeman fly fishing guides include multi-day trips here as an option on our Montana fly fishing tours.

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