Lower Madison River Fishing in June

Lower Madison River Fly Fishing in June

June is the start of summer on Montana's lower Madison River and offers some of the season’s best fly fishing opportunities.

As the spring runoff slows, the summer hatches begin, making this an exceptional time for dry fly fishing.

Large Brown Trout feed in shallow water as the water clears and flows decrease. Aggressive strikes on Crayfish and Sculpin patterns fished under a strike indicator will make anyone a believer in the lower Madison.

Recreational floaters start to become prevalent on the weekends and late afternoons as the water warms. Anglers should plan to focus their efforts in the morning hours after Father's Day. The Beartrap Canyon offers escape from recreational floaters throughout the summer, be mindful of Rattlesnakes and Poison Ivy when walking the banks.

June Hatches on the Lower Madison River

Caddis hatches continue into June, along with Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, PMDs, and Brown Drakes. Evening dry fly fishing is at its best along the lower Madison River when the shadows cast by the surrounding mountains reach the river.

Overcast conditions are ideal for hatching Mayflies like PMDs and Brown Drakes which will bring the Madison River fish to the surface even during the middle of the day.

Fishing the Brown Drake spinner fall in mid-June is a local favorite. Watch our Lower Madison River fishing report for the exact timing of this hatch as Father's Day approaches.

Salmonflies and large Golden Stones can be found in sporadic numbers throughout the Beartrap Canyon through early June.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro Tip:

Lower Madison River fishing in June, around Father's Day, offers some of the best Montana fly fishing near Bozeman during the early summer. Look for the Brown Drake spinner fall during the late afternoons on the river stretch between California Corner and Black's Ford fishing access sites. Anglers fishing large Mayfly cripple and spinner fly patterns find a few of the legendary Brown Trout of the Madison River every year.

Lower Madison River Fishing Techniques in June

Although hatching insects present the angler with dry fly opportunities throughout June, nymph fishing is consistent and effective as well. Popular nymph setups involve tandem rigs where the lead fly is a lightly weighted Crayfish imitation followed by a small PMD or Yellow Sally nymph as the dropper.

Evening outings to the river along US HWY during the Brown Drake hatch in mid-tune can provide some epic dry fly fishing once the shadows cover the river.

Sculpin patterns fished under a strike indicator will find some of the largest Madison River Brown Trout this time of the year.

Lower Madison River Fly Box for June

Lower Madison River Fishing Guide Trips in June

We have been guiding fly-fishing anglers on Montana’s lower Madison River for over two decades. Floating between the Warm Springs boat ramp and Greycliffs fishing access site is a great experience for anglers of all skill levels during the early summer in Montana.

The lower Madison is one of the best Montana fly fishing destinations in early June as much of the region's waters are high and off-color at that time. Our Bozeman fly fishing guide staff floats the lower Madison frequently through the middle of the month.

Recreational floaters and warming water temperatures start to become factors in late June and we tend to turn our attention to the upper Madison towards the third week of June

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