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Yellowstone River Fishing in August

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing in August

Stable flows bring consistently clear water and exceptional fly fishing to the Yellowstone River in August. Hoppers and nocturnal stoneflies keep the trout looking to the water’s surface for passing meals throughout the day.

August fly fishing is well suited for anglers of all skill levels. Seasoned anglers willing to get up before dawn can find aggressive brown trout on early morning streamer sessions, and then hunt for selective risers with tricos in the morning and terrestrials later in the day. Novice anglers will learn a variety of techniques and find success on dry flies, dry-droppers, and nymph set ups.

The Yellowstone River offers a diversity of fly fishing scenarios unmatched by any other river in the western Rockies. Whether you are a seasoned “dry fly only” angler or a first-time fly caster, you can have a fantastic day on the Yellowstone River in August.

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Hacthes in August

Hatching insects are sparse during the long and hot August days in Montana, though anglers fishing early in the morning can find fish sipping tiny trico mayflies, or smashing scuttling nocturnal stoneflies. Once the sun hits the water, grasshoppers, ants, and beetles dominate the dry fly options.

Spruce moths offer another terrestrial insect that can be very productive in certain years. Their activity peaks in August throughout Paradise Valley.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

Hopper fishing is some of the most exciting fly fishing Montana has to offer. Tie a loop-knot to add movement to a tan Panty Dropper Hopper and twitch it along the seam formed from the convergence of the Shields River entering into the Yellowstone River system below Highway 89 Bridge.

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Techniques in August

The long glides along the lower Yellowstone River present early morning dry fly fishing for the advanced angler during trico spinner falls in early August.

Floating on the Yellowstone River makes it easy to achieve long, drag-free drifts, which can elicit aggressive trout strikes while fly fishing with hoppers. Tapered 7.5 to 9 foot 3X leaders will help you turn over large dries effectively. As water temperatures increase and trout activity wanes later in the mornings, add a weighted nymph dropper.

Fish nocturnal stonefly nymphs and small attractor nymphs through fast seams and gentle drop-offs. During the dog days of summer, early morning nymphing through skinny riffles with sculpin patterns can produce some large fish.

In August, cool fronts revitalize the river, and streamer fishing improves with cooler weather, adding yet another dimension to the typical Montana fly fishing trip on the Yellowstone River in late summer.

Our Yellowstone River Fly Box for August

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Trips in August

Yellowstone River fishing trips in August are ideal for anglers of all skill levels. The long, hot summer days of August often require early starts for the best success. Anglers can expect a diverse fly fishing experience using a wide range of techniques.

Floating through the upper stretches of Paradise Valley rewards the angler with the slow rise of the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Remember to wait on those hooksets.

Livingston float trips are great for novice and new anglers as the diverse character of the river presents a variety of learning experiences.

Experienced anglers often enjoy floating the lower reaches of the river near Big Timber.

Fins and Feathers Guide Service tailors each day to the unique skills, preferences, and expectations of our guests when planning our Yellowstone River fishing trips.

We have been outfitting Montana fly fishing trips since 2000 and have the expertise to ensure success in the variable August conditions.

Secure your Yellowstone River fly fishing day trip by booking online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-486-5019. Use our Contact Form to learn more about fishing the blue-ribbon waters of the Yellowstone River with our team of Bozeman fly fishing guides.

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