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Gallatin River Fishing in July

Gallatin River Fly Fishing in July

As summer comes to Montana, the river's water level gradually drops and clears through July, offering great fishing on the Gallatin. From the meandering stretches in the Gallatin Valley to the meadows and woodlands in Yellowstone National Park, the river consistently offers great fishing throughout July.

The Gallatin Canyon and the river stretch upstream of Big Sky are a wading angler's paradise as water levels drop in early July.

Logjams and debris fill the river's braids in the Gallatin Valley during the runoff, so caution is advised to the floating anglers below Manhattan until flows drop below 1000 CFS.

July Hatches on the Gallatin River

Stoneflies, including Salmonflies, Golden Stones, and Yellow Sallies kick off the season in June, moving up the river well into July. A variety of Caddis and Mayfly hatches can be expected through late July on the entire river. Evening PMD spinner falls bring rising trout to the surface in the canyon and Big Sky stretches.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

Prolific hatches of different species cover the Gallatin River's surface throughout July, making for exciting angling with tandem dry fly setups. On a 3x-9ft leader, tie on a larger pattern like a size 12 Purple Chubby Chernobyl with a smaller PMD Cripple size 16 or Elk Hair Caddis tied off the bend of the hook about 3-5ft with 4x tippet. This is effective off of seams and behind large boulders for catching trout.

July Fly Fishing Techniques for the Gallatin River

The Gallatin River fishing is excellent with dry flies, especially in July and August. Watch for rising fish and focus on proper presentation. Fish attractor dries and dry/dropper rigs during the middle of the day when hatches are minimal in the middle and upper stretches. The lower river starts to fish well with nymphs and streamers by mid-July.

Our Gallatin River Fly Box for July

Gallatin River Fishing Trips in July

As the water drops, anglers flock to the Gallatin River for its proximity to Bozeman and abundant, public access. Avoiding crowds is one of our guides’ highest priorities, so we rely on floating the Gallatin River during the summer.

Our 23+ years of experience as a Montana fly fishing outfitter can be relied on to avoid crowds on the Gallatin. The experienced angler will appreciate our guide’s willingness to get an early start to ensure that we are among the first anglers to the water, beating the summer heat of late July.

July is the busiest month of our season and preferred dates fill up quickly. Secure your Gallatin River fishing day trip and travel plans early. Contact Fins and Feathers Guide Service in Bozeman for help with putting your Montana fly fishing tour together. Reserve your dates online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019.

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