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Bighorn River Fishing in July

Bighorn River Fly Fishing in July

Summer fully settles into the Bighorn River Valley and anglers fishing the legendary Bighorn River rejoice at the diverse fly fishing experiences of summertime. Water temperatures continue to warm with the longer days and both dry fly and nymph fishing is outstanding.

Early in the month PMDs and Caddis begin to hatch with increasing regularity. Terrestrial fishing season kicks off in late July, steadily improving well into August as grasshopper populations surge in the summer heat.

The upper 13-mile stretch remains the most popular choice, but the lower sections also begin to be productive.

Bighorn to Mallards Landing Fishing Access Sites is a unique and diverse section of the river, allowing anglers fishing to explore less pressured water with a variety of fly fishing techniques. The lower stretches are the first part of the Bighorn River to produce prolific summer hatches as water temperatures are the first to warm.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Hatches in July

Mid-day is primetime for PMD mayfly hatches followed by spinner falls near dusk.

Black caddis show up in good numbers and anglers can find aggressive trout by skittering caddis dry flies through productive lies well into the evening.

Yellow Sally stoneflies begin to hatch in mid-July and Trout can become quite reckless with their feeding habits during peak emergences.

Bighorn River Fly Box in July

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Techniques in July

Short-leash nymph -rigs consisting of leaders in 4 or 5 feet overall length become standard setups. Focus efforts near the fast runs and flats. Tandem nymph rigs with a sowbug, scud, or worm pattern followed by a PMD or Black Caddis Pupa dropper work wonders in these conditions.

Once the hatches are in full swing, have a variety of different dry fly patterns on hand for PMD, Yellow Sally, and Caddis emergences. Anglers fishing during the mid-day will be dealing with prolific natural s on the water next to their flies. Crippled PMDs and emerging caddis are most effective during times when the hatches are particularly dense.

On hot and windy days, many terrestrials will meet their doom once they are blown into the river. Hopper fishing on the lower Bighorn River is typically at its best during the mid-day hours.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro Tip:

Steer away from casting strictly to tight banks and instead place your presentation 6 to 15 feet off the bank in the slower sections and focus on flats above islands. Fish with large, single hopper patterns that set low on the water for the best success.

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Trips in July

Fly fish Montana on the Bighorn River with the Bozeman fly fishing guides from Fins and Feathers. We have been outfitting fly fishing trips in Montana for over two decades, custom tailoring unique itineraries for anglers fishing throughout the Big Sky state.

Bighorn River fishing trips are a great way to round out a Montana fly fishing tour that includes a few days of fly fishing in Bozeman before heading east to the Bighorn River. We require advanced reservations with 3 days minimum at $695 a day for 1-2 anglers for our Bighorn River trips. Contact us for last-minute or single-day guided trip referrals.

Bighorn River fly fishing trips can be secured online, requested via e-mail, or by calling us at 406-468-5019.

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