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Ennis Montana Fly Fishing In September

Ennis Fly Fishing in September

Fall arrives in Montana by mid-September, greeting anglers fishing near Ennis with crisp morning air and the first snow of the season lining the surrounding mountain ridges.

Changing leaves match the brilliant orange and yellow hues of the Madison River trophy Brown Trout that start to prepare for their fall spawning season in late October.

In addition to the Madison River, fly fishing the Jefferson and lower Big Hole Rivers are other options worth considering for anglers fishing near Ennis during September.

Clear, sunny days call for dry fly fishing with terrestrial patterns that imitate hoppers, ants, and beetles while streamer fly fishing on cloudy days typifies Montana fly fishing in September near Ennis.

Highlights of Montana Fly Fishing in September, near Ennis

Cool weather arrives in September and reinvigorates the wild trout that reside in the rivers and streams of Montana.

Brown Trout, in particular, become much more active with the cooler weather and shorter nights. They begin to move away from their summer lies, migrating throughout the Madison River corridor and becoming increasingly protective of their new, seasonal territories.

Streamer fly fishing with large, brightly-colored articulated flies during the fall produces some of the largest trout of the year for anglers fishing the Madison River near Ennis in late September.

Dry fly fishing on the lower Big Hole River on calm, cloudy days is worth consideration for advanced anglers who favor “match the hatch” fly fishing during blanket BWO hatches.

Streamer fly fishing the Jefferson River is a Montana fishing guide favorite once the skies turn grey and the water temperatures drop back into the 50s.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

Wade anglers fishing near Ennis can find some remarkable nymph fishing between Ennis and Ennis Lake during September. Cooling water temperatures bring trout back into the river from Ennis Lake and the upper portions of the river as well.

The braided river sections provide an endless series of buckets, runs, and holes worthy of days of exploration on the Madison River near the Valley Garden fishing access site.

Ennis Montana fly fishing trips in September

Montana fly fishing in September is no longer a “secret,” so expect to see other anglers on the fly fishing waters near Ennis this time of the year. Floating the Madison River with our Montana fishing guides in September is a great way to escape the crowds during September. Advanced anglers who enjoy streamer fly fishing can expect plenty of action on overcast days throughout the upper Madison River.

Novice anglers will find success on the lower Madison River stretches throughout the fall with September having the most consistent weather.

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