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Lower Madison River Fishing in September

Lower Madison River Fly Fishing in September

September marks the beginning of fall on Montana's Lower Madison River below Ennis Lake. Cool, fall weather revitalizes the river, and brown trout start to show their autumn colors.

Recreational crowds disappear and leave the river to Montana anglers for the remainder of the season.

Lower Madison River Fly Fishing Hatches in September

The blue-winged olive and Pseudocleon mayfly activity increases as the weather cools. The occasional rising fish can be found in the slick water next to the banks and below structures like weed beds and boulders.

Rainbow and Brown Trout actively feed on Crayfish, Sculpins, and the small nymphs of hatching insects in the buckets and fast runs between the Madison Dam and Black’s Ford fishing access site.

September Fly Fishing Techniques for the Lower Madison River

Set the hook fast on any pause or hesitation of the strike indicator or dry fly with a dropper. Streamers or crayfish patterns fished below indicators are standard Lower Madison setups this time of the year.

Dry fly anglers will find the odd rising fish in flat water on overcast days during BWO hatches.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

With lower flows and clear water at this point in the season, trout can become a little pickier. Try to be as stealthy as possible when approaching the water you want to fish by using fluorocarbon tippet and longer leaders. We like Rio's FluoroFlex Strong in 4x-6x on a 9ft leader for nymphing.

Our Lower Madison River Fly Box for September

Lower Madison River Fly Fishing Guide Trips in September

Fins and Feathers Guide Service offers guided float trips tailored to fall fishing on the Lower Madison. Float and fish our favorite stretches between Warm Springs and Headwaters State Park with our expert guides.

Novice anglers learn a variety of fly fishing techniques when fishing in the Cherry Creek section. Greycliff to Headwaters offers solitude and opportunities at some of the largest brown trout of the year for the advanced angler wanting to streamer fly fish.

Learn more about a lower Madison River fishing day trip with Fins and Feathers' expert staff of Bozeman fly fishing guides. Secure your reservation online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019. Use our Contact Form to learn more about our Montana fly fishing trips on the lower Madison River.

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