Lower Madison River Fishing in August

Lower Madison River Fishing in August

Early morning hopper fishing in August brings some large Madison River Brown Trout to the net, year after year. Afternoon fishing closures are in place through August 15 on the river. Conditions typically improve with longer nights and the region’s first cold front, sometime in late August.

Relatively light fishing pressure throughout July and early August creates excellent fishing opportunities for the advanced angler between Warm Springs and Greycliffs fishing access sites.

August Hatches on the Lower Madison River

Hoppers, ants, and beetles continue to be the most important insects to the fish of the lower Madison River in August. Trico and Black Flies hatches are active in late August and lower Madison trout key into the nymph and pupa stages of these insects.

August Fly Fishing Techniques on the Lower Madison River

Nymphing with tandem rigs that consist of Crayfish imitations followed by a small, black nymph like a Zebra Midge is productive.

Hoppers and large dry flies with weighted nymph droppers will find trout on sunny days throughout the month.

Aquatic vegetation growth can be problematic for less experienced anglers during the summer months, this starts to abate in late August.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

If the vegetation is becoming too frustrating, try using barbless Perdigon-style nymphs. These patterns have UV resin bodies that shed unwanted debris easily. Tying your flies to a thinner diameter tippet 4.5-5.5x will help slice through weeds as well.

Our Lower Madison Fly Box for August

Lower Madison River Guide Trips in August

Our guides pay close attention to conditions on the lower Madison River, recommending day trips to other rivers near Bozeman unless water temperatures are in the 60s.

Expert anglers who are up for a sunrise start with one of our seasoned guides can expect solitude and a chance to find some beautiful lower Madison Brown Trout. Novice anglers will have a better Bozeman fly fishing experience on the upper Madison River or Yellowstone River through most of August

We have over two decades of experience as a Montana fly fishing outfitter on the lower Madison River. Learn more about lower Madison River fishing day trips with the expert Fins and Feathers guide staff by submitting an online Contact Form. Reservations can be booked online, through e-mail, or by calling us at 406-468-5019.