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Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide to August

August Fly Fishing in Bozeman, Montana

While the rest of the country swelters in the summer heat and humidity, Bozeman is a mountain oasis. At 4800’ elevation, the cooler nights and low humidity bring comfortable morning temperatures. The days can be hot with temperatures approaching triple digits, but these are exceptions to the rule.

Trout become less active and stressed as water temperatures push into the 70’s on low-elevation rivers near the Missouri River Headwaters. The Jefferson, Madison, and lower Gallatin are closed to fishing between noon and midnight (Hoot Owl Restrictions) when warm water conditions become a factor. Though not the case every year, anglers fishing in Southwest Montana should consider how these restrictions could impact their plans.

The Yellowstone and upper Madison Rivers also warm with the hot weather, but they cool quicker at night. Montana fishing in Southwest Montana remains the most consistent on the upper Madison and Yellowstone rivers during August.

Trout are most active during the mornings and early afternoons during August. The summer heat typically begins to wane as August progresses. Bozeman anglers look forward to streamer fishing through the first cool front that descends across the state, usually in late August.

August Highlights

Hopper fishing will be on everyone’s mind by late July. As the surrounding landscape dries, Grasshoppers move to the river’s edge where the last vestiges of summer green hold fast. Hordes of ants, beetles, and hoppers are blown into the rivers on windy days and trout quickly respond, keying into them as they drift helplessly in the current.

The Yellowstone and Madison rivers have reliable “hopper fishing” throughout August. The Gallatin River fishing is best with hoppers during the morning hours in the river stretches around Gallatin Gateway Montana.

Spruce Moth activity in August creates localized “feeding frenzy” phenomena on the Gallatin in the upper reaches. Anglers fishing around Palisades and Lyon’s Bridge on the Madison River will also experience times when every fish in the river wants to eat just about anything on the surface. Unfortunately, those days are impossible to predict, but the trout will take Spruce Moth imitations once these insects show up in good numbers.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro Tip

Head to the upper Madison around noon to avoid crowds and to fish over rested trout. Most of the traffic – both wading and floating – starts early in August, for good reason as this is when the fish are most active. However, hopper fishing is best on clear days when the sun is high in the sky. Either wade or float at popular boat ramps in the early afternoon for a few hours of uncrowded conditions and relaxed trout.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips in August

Established in 2000, Fins and Feathers has been a Bozeman fly-fishing guide service through a wide range of climatic conditions. Expect hot days and warm water in early August, with cooling weather coming later in the month. Summer crowds thin out around mid-August, just about the time that the water conditions start to dramatically improve.

Our Montana fishing guides are on the water every day from mid-June through late September and are dialed into the nuances of Bozeman fishing in early August. The experienced angler will welcome the early morning sessions as these are the hours when the Montana Trout are most active. Big fish cruise shallow riffles where oxygen levels are at their highest while the sun sets low in the sky.

Floating the Yellowstone or Madison River is the best way to experience hopper fishing on the myriad blue-ribbon Bozeman fly fishing waters. Dry fly fishing with large attractor dries exemplifies summertime fishing in Montana like nothing else. Anglers of all skill levels get a thrill out of watching the wild, Montana Trout slowly rise from the depths to take a high-floating. grasshopper imitation.

Both nymph fishing and streamer fishing are also effective, but most anglers fishing here in August are hoping to focus on dry fly fishing. These become more essential as the weather cools later in the month.

Reserve your Montana fly fishing trip with Fins and Feathers in Bozeman by booking online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019. Contact Us with any questions about Bozeman fishing in August or for help crafting a custom itinerary for your group.

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