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Gallatin River Fishing in August

Gallatin River Fly Fishing in August

In August, the Gallatin River is stable and perfect for fly fishing. The water is pristine, insects are abundant, and there are plenty of wild trout. Despite the hot weather, water temperatures remain optimal for trout between Gallatin Gateway and Big Sky, Montana.

The river fishes best in the morning hours through the Gallatin Valley in August.

The Gallatin Canyon is very busy with recreational and whitewater enthusiasts throughout the summer. Head out early for solitude on the river and to avoid the mid-day heat.

Gallatin River Late Summer Hatches

Gallatin River hatches become sparse in late July and August. Trico and PMD hatches can be found throughout the Gallatin Valley during the morning hours. The wild trout of the river turn their attention to terrestrial insects like grasshoppers, ants, beetles, and Spruce Moths.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

Many trout from the Missouri River move into the Gallatin River ecosystem to escape warm temperatures throughout late summer. This migration includes some trophy Brown Trout that can be caught in the lower stretches from Four Corners, MT to Three Forks, MT. Using sculpin and crayfish patterns like an Olive Mini Dungeon or a Natural Zirdle can get many of these fish to eat when carefully drifted through deep pools.

August Fly Fishing Techniques for the Gallatin River

During August through fall, novice fly casters may still be able to entice a few fish using attractor dries and bulbous terrestrial patterns in the canyon and upper stretches. However, this period marks a time when flawless presentations with a long leader, fine tippet, and small dries are more likely to bring results.

Spruce Moth activity will often bring Montana fish to the surface with deliberate eats for a week or two in early July. Fishing the Gallatin River during the peak of Spruce Moth activity is a great experience for anglers of all skill levels.

Watch our Gallatin River fishing report for updates throughout the summer.

Nymphing with tandem nymph rigs is consistent in the Gallatin Valley and lower Gallatin River floats throughout August. Focus on deep, fast runs that provide cover from predators and shade from the sun.

Our Gallatin River Fly Box for August

Guiding Clients to Gallatin River Fishing Success

The dog days of summer hit the Gallatin Valley in early August. Warming water temperatures make for slower afternoons and evenings, but very productive early mornings. Floating the Gallatin River below Manhattan, Montana ensures angling success and solitude for the seasoned angler willing to greet the sunrise on the water.

Join our team of experienced Bozeman fly fishing guides for a day on the Gallatin that few anglers get to enjoy. With over 23 years of guiding anglers on the Gallatin River, we can be counted on to know when and where the river is fishing at its best under the summer heat.

August guided day trip bookings can be secured online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019. Contact Us to learn more about floating the Gallatin River and timing your Montana fly-fishing trip to ensure that this is a good option for your group.