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Ennis Fly Fishing In May

Ennis Fly Fishing in May

The Madison River is a year-round option for anglers fishing near Ennis, even during the weeks of the peak runoff season in late May and early June. Conditions vary from one year to another, but there is typically some fishing to be found on the Madison River even in high, dirty water.

With over 23 years of experience, as Madison River fly fishing guides, we would advise anglers to avoid planning a trip specifically to fly fish near Ennis from late May through early June. However, if plans bring you to the region to fish elsewhere in Southwest Montana, the Madison River is likely to be a great option for a day or two – but always have a backup plan when fly fishing in Montana during the runoff season.

All of the small streams and tributaries will have challenging water conditions throughout most of May and even Ennis Lake becomes dirty by the end of the month. The Ruby, Jefferson, and Big Hole are all unreliable throughout most of May as well.

The upper river, near Three Dollar Bridge, stays clear the longest as most of the flow comes from clean water released out of Hebgen Dam. Cabin and Otter Creek will add substantial sediment into the system, above Quake Lake, making for very tough conditions for a few days in late May.

Highlights for Fly Fishing in Montana, Near Ennis in May

Madison River fly fishing in early May is a blend of subsurface fly fishing with opportunities for productive dry fly fishing as well. Evening Caddis hatches on the lower and upper Madison bring trout to the surface for an hour or two of sporadic dry fly fishing on warm days. Overcast conditions will spur intense mayfly hatches throughout the upper Madison with trout keying in on BWO and March Browns in particular.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro Tip:

Streamer fly fishing as the Madison River first starts to increase in flow levels and go off-color can produce some trophy trout. Go-to streamer colors are white, olive, or yellow and are best fished on floating fly lines while floating in these conditions. This can be “boom or bust” fly fishing, but the rewards can be stunning while floating the Madison River between Varney Bridge and Ennis FAS.

Ennis, Montana Fly Fishing Trips in May

A day or two of guided fly fishing in Montana near Ennis is a reliable option for anglers with intermediate to advanced fly-fishing skills. The lower Madison River is a better choice for beginner fly anglers in May.

Float and wade trips on the upper Madison River are the focus of our Montana fishing guides when fishing near Ennis, during May. The river stretches between Varney Bridge and Ennis Lake have great character that makes for productive floating with intermittent wade opportunities when the side channels fill with rising water levels. Expect a day filled with variety as most days this time of year will involve nymph, dry, and streamer fly fishing throughout the day.

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