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Livingston Fly Fishing In June

Livingston Fly Fishing in June

Runoff looms throughout southern Montana in June as the rivers and streams surge with water from melting snow in the high country. River levels slowly recede and water clarity improves in late June as the snowpack diminishes.

Streamer fly fishing and Salmonfly hatches on the Yellowstone River are anticipated by seasoned anglers fly fishing Paradise Valley as the river flow dips below 10000 CFS.

The Paradise Valley spring creeks can be busy with angling pressure in June but offer exceptional dry fly fishing during prolific PMD hatches on warm, sunny days.

Livingston Fly Fishing Highlights in June

The timing of the runoff varies yearly but generally can be counted on to wind down in late June. The upper Yellowstone River, near Emigrant, MT. is the first part of the river to clear as Salmonflies and Golden Stones emerge along the rocks lining the upper Paradise Valley stretches of the river.

Anglers fishing the Yellowstone River now face challenges as conditions require precise casting and mending to keep their flies close to the banks where trout seek shelter from the strong currents. However, the rewards are plentiful with rising trout and aggressive strikes following accurate presentations in these conditions.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro Tip:

Watch the Boulder River flow closely in mid-June as river levels begin to drop. Fly fishing the Boulder River on a guided float trip is worth the effort once flows drop below that 1200 CFS threshold.

Livingston Fly Fishing Trips in June

The Fins and Feathers staff of Montana fishing guides start to eye the Yellowstone River closely towards the middle of June. High water begins to recede, but angling conditions remain challenging for novice and new anglers until the river flow dips well below 7000 CFS in Paradise Valley.

Advanced anglers fishing with our guides can expect relative solitude while floating the Yellowstone River once the flow drops below 10000 CFS. Streamer fly fishing and dry fly fishing with large Stonefly dries is the name of the game, each requiring skilled casting and line management to find success.

Novice and advanced anglers can target a day trip to the Boulder River in late June. The water levels are typically high but visibility is good as the river runs clear through the latter stages of the runoff. Good numbers of 10-14” wild trout eagerly take well-presented dry flies and dry/dropper rigs along this often overlooked freestone river in southern Montana.

With over two decades of experience outfitting Montana fly fishing trips near Livingston, the Fins and Feathers team eagerly awaits late June for some of the best fly fishing in Montana. Contact Us to begin planning a customized Livingston fly fishing itinerary for late June. Reservations can be secured online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019.

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