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Missouri River Fishing in August

Missouri River Fishing in August

Without a doubt, August fishing on the tailwater section of the Missouri River below Holter Dam is the toughest of the season.

Thick carpets of aquatic vegetation line the river’s streambed, making for challenging subsurface fishing conditions throughout the river. The section immediately below Holter Dam remains fishable and sees the bulk of the river’s angling pressure.

Early morning dry fly sessions can provide skilled anglers with a few hours of angling bliss. Conditions improve in late August as the summer heat starts to wane.

August Hatches on the Missouri River

Early morning trico hatches dwindle in August, as do the remaining caddis and PMDs. Hoppers, ants, and beetles become the dry fly mainstays.

Missouri River Fly Fishing Techniques in August

Rising trout can be found during the early morning hours as Trico spinners fall on the water and accumulate in the back eddies and along foam lines. Long leaders with delicate tippets and sparse dry flies are key to fooling these wary trout—an activity best left to skilled anglers and gluttons for punishment.

Nymph fishing with small flies along the weed lines and below fast-moving riffles will find fish in the upper river, but floating grass makes achieving drag-free drifts a challenge.

Missouri River Fishing Trips in August

We do not guide on the Missouri River in August unless specifically requested. There are many better options for a fly fishing trip in Montana near Bozeman or Missoula in August.

If your travels take you to Craig in August, contact us for a referral to some of our friends in the Missouri River fly fishing community. Our Bozeman fly fishing guides travel throughout the state on customized, Montana fly fishing trips in August and will add a day on the Missouri River upon request.

Flyfishing for carp on the Missouri River between Headwaters State Park and Townsend is a summertime passion for some of our guides. These large, predatory fish cruise the shallow flats of the Missouri, looking for small fish, crayfish, and large invertebrates. They are a challenging quarry for even the most skilled angler.

Guided carp fishing trips are available upon request and are a great way to “mix things up” when fishing near Bozeman during July and August.

Montana fly fishing trips can be secured online, via e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019. Contact Us with any Missouri River fishing trip questions or for help with creating a customized Montana fly fishing tour.

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