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Ennis Montana Fly Fishing In August

Ennis Fly Fishing in August

August fly fishing in Montana is the best time of the year to fly fish with terrestrial imitations throughout the state. While many of the waters in the state are dramatically impacted by the warm temperatures during the dog days of summer, the upper Madison River remains relatively cool. Its riffles and quick flows keeps the water well oxygenated and the trout feed well throughout the day.

Ennis Lake Callibaeits and Trico hatches bring slow-rising trout to the surface throughout the morning hours. Skilled anglers enjoy sight-casting to cruising Rainbow and Brown Trout along the southern edge of the lake with the Madison Range in the background.

Fly fishing the Madison River is the emphasis for anglers fishing near Ennis in August. Other regional watersheds like the Jefferson, Ruby, and Big Hole Rivers tend to warm quickly in the summer heat and offer less consistent angling opportunities.

August Highlights for Montana Fly Fishing near Ennis

Long drifts with “hopper/dropper” rigs while floating the Madison River under the Big Sky of August is a bucket list fly fishing experience. Morning sessions typically find the dropper fly to be key to success, while the hopper imitation becomes the primary interest to feeding trout once the sun gets high in the sly.

The long riffles and cool waters between the Quake Lake outlet and Varney Bridge come alive in August for the dry fly angler.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guide Pro-Tip:

Summer crowds diminish towards the end of August as the nights become noticeably shorter. Fly fishing the Madison River in late August typically offers a “quieter” experience than the rest of the summer. Cooler water temperatures arrive with the summer’s first cold front sometime in August as well.

Targeting the last 10 days of August is a great strategy for experienced anglers wanting to experience hopper fishing on the Madison River.

Ennis Montana Fly Fishing Trips in August

Legendary Madison River Brown Trout eating dry flies is the stuff fly fishing dreams are made of!

Fins and Feathers Guide Service has been outfitting Montana fly fishing trips near Ennis for over two decades and nothing compares to hopper fishing on the Madison River on a bright, sunny August Day. Clear water and clear skies make this an incredible visual experience that ranks high on the list for our Montana fishing guides.

Advanced casters may opt for a morning session on Ennis Lake, testing their accuracy and presentation skills on finicky spinner-sippers before the wind picks up.

Novice and first-time fly fishers quickly improve their casting skills during “hopper season” as these setups are much simpler to cast than many of the nymph rigs we use throughout the season.

Reservations for Ennis Montana fly fishing trips in August can be secured online, through e-mail, or by calling us at 1-406-468-5019.

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